Life Church | In Charlotte as it is in Heaven
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Pre-launch info
  • 1451 Briar Creek Rd, Charlotte, NC 28205
  • Sundays from 5pm-6pm
  • Vision, Training, Prayer

We are hosting monthly events, and partnering with local ministries to engage and serve our community.

  • March 18, 9am
  • April 22, 9am
  • May 20, 9am
  • June 17, 9am
  • July 22, 9am
  • August 19, 9am
  • September 9, 9am – LAUNCH SUNDAY


Ben Davey, Lead Pastor


My twin brother and I were born in Dallas, Texas to two loving parents, who were finishing up seminary and preparing to plant a church in North Carolina. We eventually moved to Cary, NC, and though my parents loved Christ, the church, each other, and us kids, I wanted nothing to do with any of it until I turned 16.


I knew the truth of the gospel and I had felt God working on me for years, but I wanted autonomy – to be the master of my own destiny – and I was scared that if I gave that up, God would force me to be a missionary or pastor, or something awful like that.


The summer before my junior year of high school, my dad insisted that I go to a retreat in Michigan with our church’s youth ministry. I begrudgingly complied, and it was there that God opened my eyes to his glorious grace and stirred my heart to follow him with everything I had. What had seemed like drudgery to me before now seemed to be the greatest calling and adventure imaginable – to be a son and servant of the KING.


I went to Clarks Summit University in Northeast Pennsylvania to play soccer and prepare for Christian ministry, and it was there that God began to expose the deep seeded roots of my pride and bring me to a place of emptiness before Him. After graduating, I went to Shepherds Theological Seminary in Cary, NC, where I earned my Masters in Biblical Literature. While in seminary, I began working on staff in a local college ministry and most importantly met my wife, Caroline (a beautiful 7th-grade language arts teacher from Salisbury, NC).


We served together in the college ministry until God led us to start a new church in Charlotte, NC. We have two kids, Nicholas and Olivia.



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Where Life is Focused
Where Life is Transformed
Where Life is Empowered
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