What are the best restaurants in charlotte, north carolina?

Charlotte’s best restaurants reflect the city’s rapidly growing dining scene. Here you’ll find Southern-style food and even more foodies. Pack up the silverware and head to Charlotte. Okay, don’t take that literally, you don’t have to pack a knife and fork in your suitcase, but Queen City is a culinary hotspot for appetites of all shapes and sizes. This is one of the fastest-growing cities in the Southeast, a city full of great things to do, and exploring requires fuel. Luckily for hungry visitors, this fuel is delicious. Charlotte’s best restaurants offer a refreshing mix of tradition and innovation, from Southern staples to street food, with plenty of variety between the two..

If you want the classics, you’ll find them. If you want a magical mix of sushi and burgers, you’ll find it too. Get ready for a feast in Charlotte, North Carolina. Located in Charlotte’s historic Lucas House, Fig Tree Restaurant has everything you could want from a high-end restaurant. It offers an impressive menu that offers the perfect mix of French and Italian cuisine, a comprehensive wine list that goes with every dish, and a sophisticated yet unpretentious ambiance.

Inside, the charming bungalow has five stunning dining rooms with large fireplaces to set the mood and an expansive outdoor veranda that is absolutely enchanting on a balmy evening.. From delicious food to an almost magical atmosphere, you won’t find a more memorable or respected restaurant in Charlotte than The Fig Tree. If you’re looking for a place to commemorate a special occasion, this place should be at the top of your list.. If you’re looking for a bit of French lessons in Uptown Charlotte, look no further than gorgeous La Belle Helene.

No, you don’t have to explain why you’re looking for a French course in Charlotte.. Good food is good food, but the dishes that come out of the kitchen here are great. What else would you expect from a restaurant managed by the 5th Street Group? The menu includes everything from brunch to dinner, catering for informal meetings, formal events, and everything else.. Consistently named one of the best restaurants in town, Good Food on Montford truly lives up to all the hype and awards it’s received over the years.

This James Beard Award-winning semi-finalist only serves a tapas-style menu based on local organic ingredients. So expect offerings to change seasonally. The restaurant is small and cozy, with exposed brick walls, soft lighting that gives off a warm golden glow, and simple yet elegant décor. Eating at Good Food is an experience that you should enjoy and enjoy.. There is no formal order in which the courts come out.

They’re brought out while they’re being prepared, making for a fun evening with ever-changing food on the table.. The tapas-style plates are perfect for a small group that wants to try a variety of foods, for an intimate date or special occasion. Good Food doesn’t take reservations and there’s always a wait, but it’s worth it. The façade of Beef ‘N Bottle isn’t much to look at, it basically looks like a hole in the wall, but the look, as you know, can be deceiving..

You’ve come to the right place if you’re planning to celebrate a birthday or anniversary, or if you’re taking customers to an important business meeting that will impress you.. Beef ‘N Bottle has been serving the best steaks in Charlotte since it opened in 1958, and its reputation is still high.. This is a classic in Charlotte and a must to have visited at least once just to say you’ve been there. While the steaks are a blast on their own, you can top any of them with king crab meat and a wine butter sauce, an option we highly recommend.

From the outside, the shop looks like a simple old bowling alley. Inside, 10 Park Lanes offers much more than just a place to have a small friendly competition. Admire the simple yet extensive menu, which ranges from flatbreads and sliders to tacos and po’boy sandwiches. This may be a surprising reputation, but 10 Park Lanes holds its own by offering a fun and unique atmosphere with southern comfort food that you won’t find at any other restaurant in Queen City..

The commercial was also featured on Food Network, thanks to the decadent Lane Buster Brownie Sundae, a double chocolate brownie with ice cream, chocolate sauce, and whipped cream served in fudge, and a mason jar covered in roasted peanuts.. Camp North End’s first restaurant put Charlotte in the spotlight with reports in the New York Times and Esquire. This North Carolina metropolis is full of cool attractions such as theme parks, museums, adventure courses, and countless restaurants.


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